Estate Planning

Estate planning is the arranging for the transfer of your property to your heirs and to other beneficiaries, in a way that will, as much as possible, achieve your objectives and minimize the associated costs and taxes.

Proper estate planning is more than just preparation of a Will or Trust, Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney, and other ancillary documents. It goes far beyond that, requiring counseling by a skilled estate planning attorney who listens carefully to your family values and concerns and then implements a plan to help assure solutions are found for those values and concerns. A properly prepared estate plan can assure privacy after death; reduce federal and state estate, inheritance and death taxes; minimize costs and delay of probate administration; appoint an appropriate personal representative to administer the estate; provide remarriage protection for the surviving spouse; assure creditor and predator protection for children and other beneficiaries; provide for your care in the event of disability; assure lifetime care for a disabled child through special needs trust planning; assure the completion of your charitable planning intent; and much more.

Competent legal representation in these matters is a must. Much is at risk to your hopes and dreams for the future of your loved ones, as well as the retention of your hard earned estate. You can reduce this by engaging attorneys who concentrate in the type of estate planning suitable to your needs.

Estate Planning/Estates and Trusts

Many individuals and families wish to take action to protect hard-earned property from unnecessary estate and inheritance taxes and costs. As an experienced estate planning attorney, Mr. Springer offers comprehensive estate planning services to eliminate or minimize unnecessary estate and inheritance taxes and costs. His estate planning services include:

  • Simple and Complex Will Creation
  • Establishment of Revocable, Irrevocable and Charitable Trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Estate and Gift Tax Review
  • Estate and Probate Administration

For clients interested in maintaining management and control of their estate, while at the same time avoiding probate, protecting family members, ensuring their financial privacy, and obtaining peace of mind, Mr. Springer offers basic estate plans which include revocable living trusts, pour-over wills, powers of attorney for property management, advance health care directives, special needs trusts, children's trusts, and community property agreements.

As in other areas of financial planning, estate planning is individualized and goal-oriented. Your goals will probably include some or all of the following:

  1. Determining who will be the heirs or beneficiaries of your estate, and how much each will receive
  2. Deciding who will settle the estate (the executor) and administer the property within the estate
  3. Providing adequate financial security to your dependents after your death
  4. Providing enough liquid assets for your estate to meet its obligations
  5. Planning for the transfer/disposition of a closely-held business (if applicable).
  6. Transferring the maximum possible percentage of your assets
  7. Planning and controlling the desired distribution of assets, both during lifetime and at death
  8. Minimizing taxes and estate settlement costs

In order for you to establish and achieve these goals, the process will consist of several steps:

  1. Accumulating data concerning assets, family needs and desires
  2. Identifying special needs, concerns or problem areas
  3. Identifying and calculating estate transfer costs
  4. Formulation of your plan
  5. Implementation of plan
  6. Creation of process to monitor and change plan, as necessary, in the future.

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